Kyle "J-Wolf" Welton

There is

no better time than now to be

the change.



  • Building confidence

  • Understanding your purpose

  • Operating in your greatness

  • Positive mind transformation

  • Bullying

  • Suicide Awareness 


"Become The Solution to The Problems You Complain About" 

Kyle ‘J-Wolf’ Welton is Aurora, IL born and raised. Kyle’s passion for people began at a young age of 12 growing up and performing throughout Aurora and the Midwest. Through his first venture, SFG, Strive for Greatness, Welton encouraged the youth to never give up on their dreams and to always embrace their talents as an avenue to achieve greatness.


With original, motivational rap and hip-hop dancing flair, at the age of 17, Kyle captured his audience that was all adorned in his original ‘I Strive for Greatness’ t-shirts and that were proudly worn throughout the city by over 500 youth. Seeing the greater need for unity within his community, Kyle knew he had to do more than just rap and dance to temporarily make a difference in the lives of others, he desired to make a more permanent impact by meeting the greater needs that plagued the people in Aurora.


Relying upon his spiritual foundation, a strong and committed Christian, Kyle knew that through the Biblical principle of unifying for a common goal, Aurora could be the community wherein families could thrive and flourish. He looked for opportunities to serve in his community and began sharing a positive message through motivational speaking, emceeing community events, and performing his music.


Growing up in a large family, the third of six boys, and now a husband and father, Welton’s passion for family drives him to stand for greatness, but not just for himself, but for his community and for the nations. Realizing that striving isn’t required where greatness already resides, Kyle refocused his company and renamed SFG to Stand for Greatness. SFG, when you stand for nothing you fall for everything, so STAND FOR GREATNESS!

Tel: 630-621-7670