Frequently Asked Questions

What levels do you speak at?

I speak to middle, high school assembiles, youth confrences, and churches.

Do your assembiles at schools cover relgious or political content?

No, I speak on topics such as building self confidence, how to understand and operate in your purpose, and tapping into the greatness inside of each and every student. All universal principals that no matter what your gender, race, religion, or sexual prefrence can abide by.

How long are your presentations?

Each presentation is 1 hour with fifteen minutes allotted for Q&A. Time can be adjusted per request.

How much do you charge for assemblies and confrences?

We try our best to make it affordable for your event! Please contact us at info@istandforgreatness.com for more details.

How long have you been speaking/performing?

I have been inspiring the youth with speaking and performing for the last 13 years.

Why do you speak?

I believe that everyone on earth has a purpose and I belive my purpose is to help others find and live in their purpose.